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That sense of adventure to discover the world is at the heart of the VJV Jules Verne tour operators, inspired by many of JV's writings, including
Around the World in 80 Days.


The travel agent with a difference, was established in 1978, an an innovative (small) group of escorted tours that offer authentic travel with a twist, for people who love to see the world, and are familiar with the writings of the famous French author. These tours are thus packed with special touches and little extras, from the VJV expert guides, who will show you the true character of each destination and take you beyond the norm, whether your chosen destination is closer to home or far-flung.


The tours are fully ABTA and ATOL bonded and winner of many travel awards, so that (as it is claimed) you can book in complete confidence.


That sense of adventure to discover the world is at the very heart of Jules Verne. These innovative 'small group' escorted tours offer authentic travel with for people who love to see and explore the world, with a Verne twist. Each of these guided tours are packed with special touches and little extras, which provide you with the chance to gain a different and deeper understanding of each destination. On top of this, VJV's expert guides will show you the true character of the country and take you beyond the norm whether your chosen destination is closer to home or far-flung.

Covering a variety of destinations in Africa, the Far East, South East Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and Central America, the VJV 'small-group' guided-tours aim to inspire travellers and show more than just the classic, first-time sites.

The VJV tours began in 1978 with one simple idea - to operate a train from London to Peking (Beijing) and thence to Hong Kong. Since then, 'Jules Verne' (due to popular demand) has continued to grow in both destinations and tours offered. Today the range of product encompasses river, coastal and barge cruises, memorable rail journeys, expeditions, hidden treasures, unforgettable Great Journeys, and classic itineraries, all created with a particular focus on history, art and culture or wildlife.






An important economic centre in ancient times the port of Rhodes was the site of one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’, the Colossus of Rhodes. Once part of the Roman and Byzantine empires its invaders included Alexander and the Persians.

Most famous were the Knights of St. John, who arrived from the Holy Land in 1310, staying until the Ottoman siege, when they moved to Malta. Their medieval citadel, one of the finest in existence, forms the Old Town of Rhodes. The Street of the Knights, lined with Inns of the Tongues, leads to the imposing Palace of the Grand Masters. The Knights were evicted in 1519 by Suleiman the Magnificent, who introduced Ottoman architecture. The library of Ahmet Havuz chronicles the siege of Rhodes with a rare collection of 15th century manuscripts. Byzantine influence is revealed in the Byzantine museum, Rhodian folk art at the Decorative Arts Museum and ancient history at the Archaeological museum.

Lindos, an attractive port on the southern side of the island is now a national landmark. The dramatically sited Acropolis contains the ancient Temple of Lindian Athena and fortifications of the Knights of St. John. Another of the Dodecanese islands, Symi has changed little since it was one of the richest of the Dodecanese in the 17th century.




These guided group tours cover the conventional and the unexpected, across a variety of themes and each with special features and interests included. It is claimed that all are underpinned by quality and value for money. To enhance the experience for Jules Verne travellers, VJV arrange and include exclusive and memorable special events, which illuminate the local culture and the country you are visiting.

VJV believe that travelling as part of a 'small group' allows you to enjoy a more intimate and sociable atmosphere, benefit from more personal attention from the guides and delve into your destination in more detail, getting closer to the places visited and experiencing local life in a personal and informal setting.


Anyone who has been on a longish coach trip, will know what they are talking about. Small groups tend to get to known one another, and as they are interested in the same subjects, sharing is all the more enjoyable.

Like their clients, VJV are inspired and have converted their passion for travel and years of expertise, with the aim of creating the best possible experiences. Each of their itineraries have been carefully matched to please customers’ interests and tastes. The VJV escorted holidays combine unique travel arrangements with cultural sightseeing, relaxing excursions, special events, comfortable accommodation and – in the case of several tours – awe-inspiring wildlife encounters. The tour operators have over 40 years’ experience of creating extraordinary adventures, pioneering voyages and inspirational journeys worldwide. They invest in selected Personal Travel Experts who have genuine first-hand knowledge of our tours and destinations, and who are there to offer you informed guidance.

Although no single supplement is offered on a range of destinations and dates, many travellers prefer to join a solo group departure comprising only 'single' travellers, accompanied by a UK or local tour manager. Early booking is recommended. It’s never too early to book with their 100% price guarantee. It means your tour price is fixed when you commit and you won’t ever pay more, even if VJV's costs increase afterwards.

Fully ABTA- and ATOL-bonded and winner of many travel awards, VJV's personal travel experts aim to organise every detail for you, so that you can just relax and enjoy the experience..









Cruises are a wonderful way to travel, allowing you to relax and watch the ever-changing scenery as you glide by, travelling in style and comfort without the repetitive necessities of hotel formalities. The need to only unpack once is a welcome benefit to many.

VJV's choice of vessel is deliberate to reflect the flavour and ambience of the routing. Their carefully selected partners share the same ethos for an exclusive boutique-style cruising experience, ideal for the discerning traveller with an interest in culture, history and nature.

They offer complimentary cabin selection on each vessel with an experienced captain, a professional and knowledgeable cruise director and an attentive crew to look after your needs and ensure the smooth running of the cruise.

Their ‘no flying’ leisurely barge cruises in France allow you to explore the French waterways while avoiding airports and aeroplanes. For more than 20 years, Jules Verne has been the main UK partner of the innovative French cruise company, CroisiEurope, a firm favourite with so many customers. Travelling by Eurostar from London to Paris or Avignon, choose from their new ‘Festive Barge in Paris’ to make this festive season truly magical, or one of their Péniches, all expertly designed with beautiful cabins, restaurants, bars and sun terraces - ‘Péniche Bourgogne’ with No Single Supplement, ‘Péniche Provençale’ from Arles to Sète, ‘Péniche Champagne’ offering daily Champagne and local produce tastings, or ‘Péniche sur Loire’ with No Single Supplement and a £50 saving. VJV also offer a reduced price on ‘Péniche Alsacienne’ through the scenic heart of Alsace from Lagarde to Strasbourg.

Exuding regal charm, imperial elegance and tasteful sophistication, there are few better ways to experience the golden beauty of the stunning Douro valley region than from the decks of the Spirit of Chartwell on ‘Royal Barge on the Douro’.

VJV offer luxury coastal cruises in Croatia on board the deluxe MV Admiral; choose from ‘The Coast of Explorers & Emperors’ or ‘Secret Wonders of Croatia’ for a delightful 7-night discovery of historic towns, national parks, Roman architecture and more.

It’s important we remember that around the United Kingdom there are plenty of spots to visit. For over twenty years, the beautiful ‘Lord of the Glens’ cruise ship has been an icon of the Caledonian Canal with its sleek good looks and sumptuous interiors; it is the perfect way to experience Scotland from the water. Cruise in stunning waterways, hidden sea-lochs and around beautiful islands while surrounded by Scottish nature. Take in many fascinating historical sites on the cruise of a lifetime.

For somewhere far-flung, opt for ‘Assam & the Brahmaputra’ or ‘Along the Banks of the Hoogly’ Downstream or Upstream with No Single Supplement, cruising through rural countryside away from the tourist trail.

Since Kenneth Branagh’s (Hercule Poirot) Death on the Nile topped the box office, Nile river cruise bookings have surged; ‘The Original Nile by Royal Steamer’ with on board lectures sails on the classic Nile route from Cairo and the Pyramids to ancient Thebes and Aswan, visiting rarely explored temples and tombs, all from a luxurious floating base on board the restored deluxe paddle steamer the SS Misr.






Almost everyone who visits the Pyramids wishes they had the time or opportunity to sail on the Nile. Conversely, those who choose a Nile cruise wish they just had time to view the Pyramids. Jules Verne tours offer the combination of these two highlights. The pyramids at Giza and Saqqara are the tombs of the pharaohs, located either side of the Old Kingdom capital of Memphis. Cairo's Egyptian Museum is the world's greatest repository of ancient Egyptian treasures including those from Tutankhamun's tomb. The most famous temples and tombs of the Nile lie between Luxor and Aswan.






Long hidden from the world, Sudan is best known for the story of Gordon of Khartoum who was overwhelmed by the hordes of Mahdi. Less often told is the story of Sudan's ancient past. The Kingdom of the Kush dealt with Pharaohs of Egypt and Emperors of Rome, these Nubian rulers known as the Black Pharaohs left behind an array of archaeological sites dotted along the Nile. Ruined temples can be visited without a tourist bus in sight for miles and the country has more pyramids than Egypt. This exciting arrangement makes an arid region of extraordinary archaeological interest.





The VJV 'Worldwide Journeys' brochure covers departures until December 2023, bringing you innovative itineraries across six continents delivered by travel experts. Travelling in companionable escorted groups, each itinerary has been carefully created to capture the essence of the destinations to be visited, as well as allowing ample time to explore independently or to relax and soak up the sights. Packed with special touches and little extras, their expert guides will show you the true character of each destination and take you beyond the norm, whether your chosen destination is closer to home or far-flung.

VJV were delighted to launch two new tours in 2022 - ‘A Week on the Nile’ luxury cruise from Cairo and the Great Pyramids to the little known Amarna, visiting the new Grand Museum; and an all-new itinerary visiting the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia. This was a first for Jules Verne.

In addition to further departures and improvements on their wide-ranging global portfolio, they welcome some tours to the brochure for the very first time including a selection of Great Journeys; whether you seek an adventure somewhere extraordinary to celebrate that special event or occasion, or you wish to experience the travel adventure of a lifetime, as the world re-awakens. VJV invite you to see the world through their eyes. And, for those closer to home options, the time is right to embrace the delights and treasures of the UK and Ireland.

We feature Early Booking Offers on a ‘Grand Tour of Turkey’ discovering its’ Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Hittite, Trojan and Seljuk heritage; and on a journey in Sudan, north from Khartoum, through the fringes of the Sahara desert, to the ancient lands of Nubia and the Kingdom of the Kush.






Following the Roman’s victory in the Third Punic Wars, which ended with the destruction of Carthage, they established the province of ‘Africa’, their first outside Italy, which became the ‘bread basket’ of the Empire and an ideal location for retired soldiers.

This comprehensive tour encompasses many aspects, taking into account the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Berber and French influences. Whilst the main towns on the coast reveal the influence of invading forces, the interior rewards exploration at the ‘Holy City' of Kairouan, Roman settlements and, of course, the dramatic landscapes of the Sahara.

The seven UNESCO World Heritage sites visited are the medinas of Tunis and Sousse, the archaeological site of Carthage, the amphitheatre of El Djem, Kerkouane for its Punic architecture, Kairouan and the impressive site of Dougga that was once a Roman town on the fringes of the empire.




Save £70 re-living the rich splendour of Spain’s ‘Golden Age’; visit ‘Roman Africa’ in September 2022 and save £50, or go further afield in November 2022 and save £100 exploring the most iconic monuments of India.

VJV also offer an exceptional selection of No Single Supplement and Solo Group departures; join one of our classic touring, cruise, wildlife and classic resort programmes with No Single Supplement on selected dates, or a Solo Group departure comprised only of single travellers, following one of our regular programmes. Choose from Italy – a week staying at the ‘Grand Hotel on Lake Como’; or a comprehensive journey exploring the ‘Treasures of Sicily’. Explore the ancient Roman cities, crusader castles and Byzantine churches of ‘Classic Kyrenia’. Combine the ‘Pyramids & the Nile’ cruising from Luxor to Aswan; or stay at the iconic Victoria Falls and at a special boutique camp on ‘Victoria Falls to the Okavango’. Go off-the-beaten-track to the Golden Temple and the residence of the Dalai Lama on ‘Sikhs & Exiles’, or discover the ‘Lost World of the Incas’, to mention a few.






Discover this land of extreme contrast that has long been inaccessible to the western traveller. From the cosmopolitan cities of Jeddah with its Ottoman influences and the riches of Riyadh to the bustling camel markets, mud settlements and traditional stunning oasis. Discover incredible and remote heritage sites on old caravan routes, spectacular pre-historic rock art ranging from the 3rd millennium BC through the post-Classical period and Lawrence’s Arabian Deserts. One for the intrepid traveller; a land shrouded in mystery, steeped in ancient traditions, yet a land where a cultural shift and reforms are underway.

Since the days of antiquity, Saudi has occupied a pivotal position at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. Follow in the footsteps of great explorers; Antonin Jaussen, James Halladjian, Harry Philby, Lady Anne Blunt, William Palgrave, the indefatigable Victorian Charles Doughty and of course T.E. Lawrence. Discover pristine deserts, lava fields studded with volcanoes and behold great ‘cathedrals’ of fabulously weathered rock. Explore labyrinthine streets of ancient cities, where the rhythm of life is unchanged over millennia. Boasting five UNESCO World Heritage sites, the rich history of the land’s kingdoms is recorded across the landscape. Discover Al Ula, capital of the ancient kingdoms of Dadan and Lihyan, the southernmost point of Roman presence in Arabia. Explore incredible Hegra, the southern capital of the Nabatean Kingdom, second only to Petra, explore Ottoman desert castles and Lawrence’s Deserts and visit Medina, a holy city that until very recently was almost entirely inaccessible to westerners.



To enhance these experiences, VJV arrange exclusive and memorable special events, with the aim of illuminating the country and people you are visiting. Attend a special ceremony, performance, meal or drinks party at characteristic and spectacular locations; learn about cooking and the local way of life; discover less-visited corners or special locations not normally open to the public.

Flowing from customers’ feedback, VJV endeavour to improve their itineraries, taking into account customer requests, special opportunities and changed accessibility; follow improved itineraries on ‘Island of Rhodes’, ‘Myths & Minoans’, ‘Serengeti & the Secret Migration’, ‘Discover Nepal’, ‘Wild Borneo’, ‘Patagonia to Cape Horn’, and more.

VJV hope you will enjoy a more intimate and sociable atmosphere with their average group size being 12; delve into your chosen destination in more detail, getting closer to the places visited and experiencing local life in a more personal and informal setting. They offer privately-guided and small-group options, so you can enjoy an even more personal experience with family or friends, visiting all the programmed sights, but with your own private vehicle and driver/guide.

Further information, dates and prices, are available on their website.






Your modern motor vessel for this private cruise has an air of exclusivity, an ample sundeck, and attentive crew; assuring comfort and service as you sail the clear blue waters of the eastern Adriatic, slipping between the thousand islands, and mooring at a coastal cornucopia of enchanting towns.

Bookending the tour, on the first and last night, is Croatia’s ‘second city’, Split, with its back against the mountains, its toes in the waters of the Adriatic, and its vast Roman palace complex a vibrant throng of shops, churches, and al fresco cafés. The journey in between takes us to Korčula, the reputed birthplace of Marco Polo, its vineyards and olive groves backing the 14th century town; to the island of Mljet, with pine forests and a pair of lakes in its National Park; and to the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, encircled by medieval city walls, filled with terracotta-tiled houses, and focused on the lively and lovely Stradun plaza, paved in pale limestone.

Taste the fine wines of the scenic Pelješac peninsula; visit the island of Hvar, its old town topped by a medieval castle; sail to Brac, the largest of the Dalmatian islands, cruising round the Golden Cape on return to Split; and add a final morning trip to tiny Trogir island.






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