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CORN EXCHANGE, BRIGHTON DOME - Leo Perrin (Youth Project Lead) gives a short presentation on the 13th of June 2024 about the hydrogen powered Elizabeth Swann - a Zero Carbon ship, designed to help clean the oceans, seas and rivers of planet earth. This talk was given at the launch of the Sussex Bay re-wilding project, a brilliant initiative to conserve around 100 miles of Sussex coastline, supported by many authorities and like minded concerns. Please visit their website for more details.








In 1874, Jules Verne set out a prescient vision that has inspired governments and entrepreneurs in the 148 years since. In his book The Mysterious Island, he wrote of a world where:



"Water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable."



If only we'd heeded his prophesy sooner, we may not be facing our present climate catastrophe, but rather celebrating social change. It remains to be seen if mankind might react in time to save the remaining species on planet earth.


Many of you will know Jules Verne as the father of science fiction, our inspiration for the 'JVH2' series. A number of his predictions have come true, as his fabulous stories have inspired generations of scientists and engineers to strive for more knowledge. 


Our hope is to attract like minded thinkers as part of a quest to achieve more, and quickly, as a continuum of progressive reforming adventurers, leading to thoughtful and meaningful advances in science and technology to combat climate warming. 


In furtherance thereof, the Cleaner Ocean Foundation (COF) have drafted a set of Rules for around the world yacht races, that once firmed up, is sure to provide a spectacular sporting series, with high speed offshore boats hitting un-dreamed of circumnavigation speeds, as the competition heats up - to cool the planet serenely, sustainably and equitably.




I was wondering if you could explain a little about the reason for creating the JVH2, Jules Verne Hydrogen Trophy. What is the series of proposed global events by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation is designed to achieve in terms of sustainable energy for transport and why there are leaping humpback whales in the proposed winners trophy, at present a design study inspired by the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty, among other influences?




The 'JVH2' is not limited to the boating world. We are looking at aviation and automotive engagement. Airports, Ports and Service Stations. Even hydrogen powered cycles. Jules Verne JVH2 Hydrogen Trophy is a registered trademark in several applicable classes. Free TM licenses are available to competition entrants, for promotional purposes.


COF have built a team of specialist suppliers and engineers to help in an attempt to fulfill the prediction of the great French writer, in an amalgamation of two of his greatest masterpieces, using the hydrogen molecule as the power source, for an extraordinary voyage: Around the World in Eighty Days, in the Jules Verne tradition. The project looks to be an adventure of the kind that Verne would endorse unequivocally.



Thanks Bard. We wonder if you might be able to explain the difference between the JVH2, Jules Verne hydrogen challenge, and the Jules Verne Trophee, which is a wind sail powered world circumnavigation event?



We hope that by leading the way as to conceptual opportunity, then taking theory forward as practically and swiftly as one might, that those with kindred vision and influence, might enjoin the necessary race against the climate clock - as 'World Hydrogen Challenge' competitors for the Jules Verne inspired JVH2 (hydrogen) World Trophy - aiming (as ye may) for the 150th Anniversary of our hero's prediction: 2024. Without any doubt, this is a race mankind must win to survive.


It is not five minutes to midnight, it is already five minutes past the 1.5 degree barrier (Paris Agreement). It seems we cannot stop that happening, but we can seek to limit the damage.







Flaming torch, Statue of Liberty, freedom from fossil fuels. JVH2, the electric Blue Ribband, Eiffel Tower.




As we write, one of the biggest obstacles to the mass adoption of hydrogen for zero emission transportation, is the almost complete lack of infrastructure, or strategic planning, necessitating temporary bunkering arrangements at most ports of call, for en-route refuelling. Though methanol and ammonia may prove less troublesome.


In addition, there are at present no shipping rules in existence for hydrogen gas or LH2 liquid vessels, other than the IMO's interim recommendations - guidelines that we support. Fortunately, there are approved type IV (compressed gas) and cryogenic fuel tanks, fuel cells, batteries and electric drives, available off the shelf. There are also portable suppliers of hydrogen, though logistics for any attempt is part of the 'Jules Verne - World Hydrogen Challenge,' for competitors to arrange, akin to a F1 pit stop: 'Formula Hydrogen.' The Foundation will assist those expressing an interest in this event, to locate suppliers, as far as able - and arrange mobile bunkering.






Jules Verne



RACE AGAINST TIME: This could have been another of Jules Verne's titles. But it is not a work of science fiction, it is a man-made problem today that even the master storyteller would have had trouble predicting. Despite our scientists telling us that global warming is at a crucial tipping point, world leaders are allowing the use of fossil fuels to superheat the planet with dire consequences. Jules was adamant that hydrogen would be a source of power for mankind in the future he envisioned. In our view he was bang on the money. Green hydrogen offers us a sustainable future, based on splitting water using electrolyzers, to recombine for heat or electricity. We can use renewable solar and wind power, to create a circular economy, without CO2 and other harmful gases and particulates. This clean energy source can drive our automobiles and ships, as a major brake on climate change. What is holding us back and why? The technology exists today! Given the opportunity, we would like to prove it to you.







NOVEMBER 2023 - Continuous rain in Sussex, England had our workshop flooded out, and then a storm came along to cause a lot more problems. Roof repairs were effected, with other building repairs ongoing. Finally, we got the jig for assembling the 1:20 model into position, with welding and other equipment to hand. Our engineering student is on the case. Next port of call is modifying the jig, to take larger diameter hulls. The proof of concept model has also grown in length. Our engineering student is seen here, getting things together. He was a speaker at the Bexhill Ocean Symposium on the 18th. The design advanced quite a bit in 2023, as you will see in 2024.


Not science fiction, though inspired by Verne. A project aiming to travel Around the World in under 80 Days. That is an expedition we are planning as an example entry to the World Hydrogen Challenge. Hydrogen powered vessels can be fast and have significant range. What we are calling Formula Hydrogen, could be the F1 of offshore boating, and a spectacular event. If it is possible to complete the build of the Elizabeth Swann above by 2024, it will be in time for the 150th anniversary of Jule's prediction in 1874: The Mysterious Island. As with the hydrogen car above, students will be allowed to enjoin and learn from the experience. This model is on display at a Museum in Sussex, England. The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is the proud keeper of this and other interesting exhibits.


We acknowledge and wonder at the wind-and-sail powered event that began in 1993 with a 79 day record set by Bruno Peyron in Commodore Explore, the last record being set in 2017 by Francis Joyon and IDEC, in 40 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes. On February 13 2023, the the 32-metre trimaran Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, with six crew led by Charles Caudrelier and Franck Cammason, needed to turn around to repair damage to their generator engine. By comparison, it is early days for the JVH2. The sailing record and Francis Joyon being an inspiration to us all. Though, as it becomes so much tougher to set a new sailing record, we wonder at the future of the event - we hasten to add - with fingers crossed for the daring competitors.


In July 2023, Joan Mulloy signed up for a Jules Verne Trophy attempt in 2025, joining Alexia Barrierís all-female crew as they bid to secure the fastest lap of the planet under sail. The boat secured for their project is the current record holder that sailed as IDEC under Francis Joyon, formerly Banque Populaire.




The JVH2 is a hydrogen Trophy awarded to fastest vessels and vehicles in class, inspired by Jules Verne, the father of science fiction.


This JVH2 trophy is inspired in part by the Eiffel Tower (world heritage site) presently a design study.






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TRADEMARK CERTIFICATE - On the 19th of May 2023, the mark(s) were registered as per the above specification(s), in the classes shown. Jameson Hunter Ltd has granted a licence to allow the Cleaner Ocean Foundation to sub-licence to any bona-fide JVH2 competition entrant, in relation to the goods and services protected.

TRADEMARK CERTIFICATE - On the 30th of June 2023, the mark(s) were registered as per the above specification(s), in the classes shown. The Climate Change Trust has granted a licence to allow the Cleaner Ocean Foundation to sub-licence to any bona-fide JVH2 competition entrant, in relation to the goods and services protected.


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TRADEMARK CERTIFICATES - On the 30th of June 2023, the mark(s) were registered as per the above specification(s), in the classes shown. The Climate Change Trust has granted a licence to allow the Cleaner Ocean Foundation to sub-licence to any bona-fide JVH2 competition entrant, in relation to the goods and services protected.


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The JVH2 Trophy is inspired in part by the Eiffel Tower & Statue of Liberty.