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CLASSES: 1, 4, 9, 12, 14, 16, 35, 37, 39, 41, 42


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TRADEMARK CERTIFICATE - On the 19th of May 2023, the mark(s) were registered as per the above specification(s), in the classes shown. Jameson Hunter Ltd has granted a licence to allow the Cleaner Ocean Foundation to sub-licence to any bona-fide JVH2 competition entrant, in relation to the goods and services protected.









TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS - On the 13th of July, in memory of Frank, a great mentor. This application was filed in furtherance of his wish that we should continue to push for change by making others aware of the possibilities for clean renewable energy.







Trade marks can be filed in many different classes of good and services. The protection you need has to be carefully identified such as to fall within a recognised classification, or the mark may not be registered.


The Jules Verne Hydrogen Trophy, or JVH2, is/was filed in the categories shown below:


Class 1

Class 4
Class 9
Class 12
Class 14
Class 16
Class 35
Class 37
Class 39
Class 41
Class 42





Jameson Hunter Limited
Solar House


East Sussex


Country of Incorporation: United Kingdom 





Competitors, backers, associates and all those concerned with attempts to set speed or endurance records with hydrogen powered: 


Aircraft (electric)

Cycles (electric)

Infrastructure (airports, ports, service forecourts)

Vehicles (cars, construction machinery, trucks, tractors)

Vessels (boats, yachts, ships) or 


Will be entitled to use these trademarks and logos under the terms of a free licence, to help fund their projects (record attempts), and/or, to help the organisers of these events, to set up and maintain the race categories and records of those teams competing.


If you have a project proposal in either category, we will work with you to establish rules and geographical details (where none may exist at present).


The event most likely to take place soonest, will be an attempt to set a world navigation record, the equivalent of the esteemed wind powered sailing trophy.


But other races may contribute to zero carbon transport awareness and technology development, with lower budgets, say from University teams, looking to compete on land or in the air - with shorter distance courses. Examples of which for electric vehicles might be London to Brighton. Or, Lands End, to John O'Groats. Or, the equivalent in any other country. Such course proposals will need to be ratified, to be officially recognised as a JVH2 event.


Road races are generally unlawful, but raceway and track events are typically unrestricted. Examples of which include Pendine Sands, or the Bonneville Salt Flats. In the UK we have Brands Hatch and Goodwood race circuits, to name but a few. The London to Brighton road run is not a race. Speed limits are observed. In Monaco, their streets are cordoned off for Formula One, and other races.


We will aim to simplify the process and keep the categories to the minimum necessary to achieve our objectives (the promotion of renewables and zero emission vehicles), but work with associates and partners, to achieve equitable PR returns.


We are accepting expressions of interest in advance, such as to assist teams raise backing for their attempt. Any existing vessel with an internal combustion engine, may be converted to run on hydrogen fuels, as a qualifying entrant, to compete with electrically propelled fuel cell vessels.

The challenge, if you are picking up the gauntlet, is to help define zero emission marine transport of the future, by pitting one technology against another technology. May the best design win.


Please contact Jameson Hunter Ltd., or Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd., with your interest.







Jules Verne



5 MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT: It is already FIVE minute past midnight on the evolutionary clock for mankind. Making it near impossible to stay under the 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature target for planet earth. We simply must pull out all the stops in damage limitation. Help us to make the humpback whales in our logo, happy enough to broach in warmer acid seas.





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