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TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS - On the 13th of July this application was filed in furtherance of our aim to make people aware of the possibilities for clean renewable energy, in the race to prevent planet earth warming more than 2 degrees celsius.









Vehicle fueling services; Charging of electric vehicles; Recharging services for electric vehicles; Fueling of hydrogen gas for vehicles; Repair or maintenance of vessels; Fuelling of aircraft; Ship conversion; Ship building.


Class 1

Class 4
Class 9
Class 12
Class 14
Class 16
Class 35
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Class 42



Competitors, backers, associates and all those concerned with attempts to set speed records with hydrogen powered: 


Cycles (electric)

Vehicles (cars, trucks)

Vessels (boats, yachts, ships) or 

Aircraft (electric)


will be entitled to use these trademarks and logos under licence, to help fund their projects (record attempts), and/or, to help the organisers of these events, to set up and maintain the race categories and records of those teams competing.


If you have a project proposal in either category, we will work with you to establish rules and geographical details (where none may exist at present).


Please contact Jameson Hunter Ltd., or Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd., with your interest.






Jules Verne



5 MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT: It is already FIVE minute past midnight on the evolutionary clock for mankind. Making it near impossible to stay under the 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature target for planet earth. We simply must pull out all the stops in damage limitation. Help us to make the humpback whales in our logo, happy enough to broach in warmer acid seas.





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