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TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS - On the 13th of July this application was filed in furtherance of our aim to make people aware of the possibilities for clean renewable energy, in the race to prevent planet earth warming more than 2 degrees celsius.









Fuel cells; Electric batteries for powering electric vehicles; Batteries for electric vehicles; Charging stations for electric vehicles; Vehicle batteries; Navigation apparatus for boats; Audio books; E-books; Smart watches; Smartphones in the shape of a watch; Telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewelry; Computer programs for use in the autonomous navigation of vehicles; Navigation software; Navigation compasses; Electronic navigation apparatus; Satellite navigation devices; Satellite navigation systems; GPS navigation systems; Satellite navigational systems; Car navigation computers; Marine navigation apparatus; Software for GPS navigation; Vehicle autonomous driving systems featuring interactive displays; Computer applications for vehicle navigation apparatus; Computer programs for use in autonomous driving of vehicles; Vehicles (Navigation apparatus for) [on-board computers]; Charging docks; Solar cells; Ship to shore communications apparatus.

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Jules Verne



5 MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT: It is already FIVE minute past midnight on the evolutionary clock for mankind. Making it near impossible to stay under the 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature target for planet earth. We simply must pull out all the stops in damage limitation. Help us to make the humpback whales in our logo, happy enough to broach in warmer acid seas.





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